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Our team

Our talented team of professionals operates under an effective system of internal quality management and communication.
We provide packages of IT services that can be tailored to the client’s needs. Our team can work through the full end-to-end software development lifecycle, or implement a particular part of the project. We will assemble a dedicated, ready-to-work project team of experts with the required skills for the successful project completion. We have the equipment, resources, software and skills to fully support the IT infrastructure of your business.
Our full-stack professionals work in collocated agile teams crafting web and mobile applications with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership. Our broad software outsourcing experience cover diverse industries, business domains, and tech stacks.

Essential Features

For over ten years we have successfully facilitated software, delivering ambitious and compelling web applications throughout a wide variety of business domains and industries.

Product Development

Qwavee has experience across various verticals on real-time business scenarios and technical expertise in Outsourced Product Development, delivers innovative solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of product development. With a comprehensive understanding of local and global market landscapes, our product development consultants help clients meet their goals - from the initial phase to late-stage development.

Product Testing and QA

We use the latest approach to quality testing in order to ensure amazing functionalities, security, and performance of the product.


Back-End Development

Almost every web application needs a back-end part to handle connection with the database, periodic tasks or verification of users and data. We have multiple back-end developers skilled in different technologies who will be able to transform your business ideas into a working application.


Front-End Development

Nowadays, more and more businesses increase the share of the front-end part in their application stacks. Our JavaScript engineers during the process of front-end development will help you provide a great user experience to the ones using your application.


APIs, 3rd Party Integrations

API interacts between applications data and devices creating connectivity. 3rd party integration is important in single web development projects since we strive to deliver to our customers the best user experience possible


We use the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions to our clients. Our product development team aims to add value to the overall product features.

Our services help shorten the development and testing life cycles, reduce the software development and support costs, and enhance the product functionality.

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Open Source Technologies

Web Services that Lead Business to Success

Our web services help clients showcase their services and products flawlessly and expand their reach to the prospective customers. We assure user-friendly, search engine friendly, responsive, and easily navigable websites, based on the client’s specifications. Our team keeps pace with the latest trends in the enterprise web solutions to turn the client’s web project into an exciting experience and tremendous success.
The web solutions developed by our expert web developers leave a long-lasting impression on the visitors and increase conversion rate.

Tools and Metric Process

To execute effectively, you need a set of tools which enable you to manage the software you are developing, control your project scope, schedule and cost as well as ensure effective collaboration / communication with and among the people involved. Accordingly, Qwavee use these three types:
  • Software development control
  • Project management
  • Collaboration
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Tools and metrics process


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