PHP is the Best Fit for SaaS App Development

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PHP is the Best Fit for SaaS App Development

Among the web development frameworks, PHP is an open source framework that has enabled businesses with the most flexible web presence. Moreover, maintenance and support for PHP based is comparatively easier because it is used by so many developers where it has a huge community of PHP developers. Since the launch of PHP 7, the speed has considerably increased and has come with some path breaking changes.

We are talking about PHP with SaaS development. SaaS is also among the most liked framework by Front End Developers or Front End Development Specialists. SaaS provides with amazing design capabilities and enables extremely robust evaluation of CSS extension.


The Blend of PHP & SaaS
PHP framework sets across best for development with SaaS because it’s adapts to CSS capabilities in the best possible manner. And thus, this blend proves to be a good system with robust backend and front end development fitting rightly in SaaS goals.

Accessibility & Performance

Since the upgrade in PHP i.e. PHP7, the performance has improved where reports say that Zend is faster compared to PHP 5.6 and comes handy in memory usage. Although, the performance enhancements vary from app to app depending on many parameters.

Generally speaking, IT infrastructure have many CPU/ RAMs mixed up in many app servers and thus older PHP deployments were using opcode caches resulting in wastage of time and money. So, in this case use basic host metric monitoring.

When the organizations are larger, more complex problems arise. Thus, there are chances that the application is spending more time blocking and calling out for external services. In SASS based application, knowing the query is slow, you can add proper index or cache the results of the query in order to reduce offload on the database.

Also good app monitoring can help you evaluate the success and also analyze the points in the app that will need modifications. The PHP 7 performance improvements include support for more users without any hardware resources leading to satisfied users.

Speed Development

With the upgrade, the performance and accessibility has undoubtedly increased. But what else has made the difference. Yes, the speed of development has significantly increased. Moreover, adding new features and repairing the errors has become easier. This has led to a great level of satisfaction among SaaS App Developers.

The app owners hiring a software application specialist can be a big deal and a huge investment and therefore bringing about a force for IT Infrastructure becomes challenging. So there are times that that App owners find it difficult to make engineers efficiency to the mark required.

And also performance and agility with PHP 7 is offering new capabilities around typing and areas where the web development team is enabled with many features. For such upgrade, use tools like PHP7cc that can help a secure upgrade. Monitoring helps in improving development speed and also reduces the time required to track down bugs and performance problems. Moreover, the monitoring is also very useful for speed of your site and also for App development team.

Choose SaaS Framework Specialist
You will find many PHP developers across the world but very few who can successfully carry out the development process with SaaS Framework. So we recommend choosing a SaaS Framework Expert or Freelance SaaS Framework Developers who has experience in developing application with SaaS framework for PHP development.

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